The Real Motherhood Series – Volume Two – Claire’s Story

In the second installment of Rosarts’ Real Motherhood Series, we meet Claire. Over the next few weeks we’re sharing stories of real motherhood, from real mums who believe in our ethos of celebrating the little stories that make our lives special. Real mothers, talking about what being a mum really means to them, because the honest stories are the best stories.

Claire and Ruby

“Motherhood is far scarier than going to war!”


Being a mother was not something I wanted to be up until I was in my mid twenties. I had joined the army, travelled the world, had my own place, tottered around London in Jimmy Choos and drove an Audi TT.

It was only when I was told I couldn’t have children that I realised how much I wanted them. Putting my mind to it, all was wonderful and I fell pregnant easily,.

Pregnancy, however, was really hard – hyperemesis ruined what should have been a wonderful time and as a result, I hated every minute of it.

My baby girl, Ruby was born after what felt like forever, and the birth itself was actually an amazing experience. However, the responsibility you then have when the new bundle of joy is placed on you is like a brick round the face.

I’ve been that mum that has put the baby in the Moses crying, closed the door and cried myself to bits. I’ve been riddled with guilt since the moment that child was born and that guilt came from going back to work or having to stop breast feeding. I even cried when it was time to take the bottle and dummy away from her.

“It’s hard but it’s all worth it. We need to recognise how hard it is and how wonderful we all are for the job we do as mothers.”

Don’t get me wrong,  the love I feel for this small person just cannot be measured and I am currently pregnant again so all those feelings and sickness for me, are worth it.

What makes it all worthwhile, and what makes you know you’re doing it right is when your little girl runs up to you, arms open wide, kisses you and says ‘I love you so much mumma ‘ – and everything else is forgotten.

I’ve been to war zones, and genuinely, motherhood is far scarier and harder then that!

The most important thing is that we forget to tell ourselves, and each other how amazing we are doing this lovely, wonderful but thankless job.

We need to tell each other that more often.



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