The Real Motherhood Series – Volume Seven – Karina’s Story

We’re exploring the real stories behind motherhood in this mini-series of blogs leading up to Mother’s Day. Motherhood is a wonderful thing, but it’s not always what we are expecting, and discussing our experiences honestly is more important than ever. In this series we’re meeting real mums who are friends and followers of Rosarts, who also believe in the need for talking about the real feelings and moments behind becoming a mother – after all, the real stories of our lives are what makes us all so interesting and different!

Today we meet Karina, who has three boys – Kieran, Noel and Reuben. This is her story.

Karina, Kieran, Noel and Reuben


I first became a mother at the tender age of 21. To say i was terrified would be an understatement. How do I look after a human?

In the early days it was hard work. Sleepless nights and copious amounts of baby vomit –  but it was also very rewarding watching your baby grow and develop and before you know it, you’re celebrating their first birthday and watching them walk around with a heart full of joy.

My first boy, Kieran is 9 almost 10, and acts like he is 19 years old! Fast forward 10 years and in that time I’ve popped out 2 more boys.

My middle son is a special boy who is now 3. He was born with a rare genetic disorder and that takes being a mother to a whole new level of motherness.

Noel is the apple of my eye and I worship the ground he now walks on. I will do anything for him, no doubt as any mother would do for their child.

But with Noel  it’s additional efforts such as making sure he has the correct specialist for his condition, getting him on time to hospital appointments and avoiding the crappy cup coffee served in the ‘costa’ coffee shop in the hospital which clearly is not the same as the coffee shop in the high street. Period.

And there’s Rueben, my youngest child and another boy who had a rough start at birth after having complications after being born via c-section.

He was the hardest out of them all. The first 8 months he cried and cried and I would spend my days rocking in the corner unable to comfort the screaming child before me with my own tears streaming down my face whilst also caring for a child with special needs. It’s been really hard.

Those months were brutal but now he is a happy 1 year old boy who has the most amazing laugh!

I feel privileged to be a mother and especially a mother to 3 beautiful boys. I look at my boys and in incredibly proud of them, they all have their own individual personalities and incredibly smart boys.

Being a mum and feeling loved by my offspring is the most gorgeous feeling in the world and despite everything I wouldn’t change it for the world.



Has Karina’s story resonated with you? We’re sharing honest experiences of being a mum over the course of these blogs so please join in with the discussion and let us know your thoughts! You can also visit us over on Facebook and share your story there too.




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