The Real Motherhood Series – Volume Nine – Emma’s Story

All March we’re celebrating the real stories behind motherhood and what it means to be a mum today. In this blog, we meet friend and follower of Rosarts Emma, who is sharing her story about her experiences of being a mum with us. We’d love to hear your thoughts as part of the Real Motherhood Series, so please join in with the conversation and share Emma’s story too.

Emma and Kayden



The letting go struggle is real. The toddler to teenager thing actually feels like an overnight process, it goes by so quickly. In a flash, Fireman Sam meets ‘Ali A’ the world wide You Tuber…and all things gaming.

It flies through from bedtime stories and silly voices to ‘hang on a sec guys’ (mutes his mic and I get a ‘shh Mum I am in a game – and can you close the door behind you please’).

It is a huge world of independence that our children develop into – and we feel no longer needed. That is a hard reality to let go of.

He is growing up, he can do things for himself and every day I walk a line between wanting him to learn and grow but still being able to be his ‘Mummy’.

When did he actually stop calling me that anyway? It is the small things that connect with your heart and stop you in your tracks.

One day you wake up and realise you have a young adult in the house, I am not sure where he came from but we now chat about the stars, the science behind the planets, the way the weather works, how businesses generate money, he now uses a debit card for goodness sake, he truly doesn’t need me anymore…

And then there is the whole school thing. It’s not cool to get out of the car at school time, I have to park up the street and wait.

Am I not a cool Mum? I thought I was? What constitutes cool anyway….pah – I will never know!

It has gone from a few hours at the park to all nighters gaming with the lads, because being up past midnight is grown up and fun. Walking to the shop themselves for their own treats, popcorn in a bowl and melted chocolate is the midnight “thing” (1am-ish is an all nighter to them).

But he is still there, not a day goes by where we do not say I love you. I cuddle everyday, granted I am struggling to now fit him under my chin – he will be taller than me very soon and that is just weird.

How did my tiny little boy grow so big and take up all of the sofa? I do not enjoy the socks…boy oh boy do they whiff! Do not wash – just dispose of and buy new is my advice for anyone with a boy coming into the teen years!

All of these things are a part of the ever changing process; we have to adapt just as they have to grow into themselves. We have to change our routines too, our lives change as they move on.

Being a mum is a never ending journey of emotion. Pride is a wonderful thing, and to watch our son evolve into a handsome, caring, passionate, intelligent young man is the most rewarding thing in the world.

I love my little big man and cannot wait to see what he becomes in the future.

All my love Mummy, Mum or whatever you are calling me these days!


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