The Real Motherhood Series – Volume Four – Emily’s Story

In the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, I’m sharing stories of real motherhood, from real mums. Customers and fans of Rosarts who are also mums, just like me. Some work from home, some stay home with their kids, some in full time employment, others part time etc…the full range. I’m all about celebrating the little stories that make our lives unique, so in this mini-series of blogs, we’re going to hear from some amazing mums, sharing their stories of real, everyday motherhood.

Today we meet Emily and her two children Ella and Kieran.

Emily, Ella and Kieran

“How do you even begin to describe the most life changing event you’ll ever experience?” 


Being a mother changes absolutely everything.

It makes you experience emotions you never even realised you had. They make you laugh and cry at the same time.

You want to shout at them and cuddle them in the same moment.

You want to keep them as little as possible while willing them to grow so you can see the kind of person they’ll be. Becoming a mother once was amazing but becoming a mother twice was a blessing!

I am so lucky to have a healthy baby boy and girl. They’re everything I could have hoped for and more.

“I’m so lucky to have a healthy baby boy and girl.”



– Ella, 3 years

– Kieran, 18 months

I‘m far from the ‘perfect parent’ I imagined I’d be. I do things I always told myself I wouldn’t, I say things I promised myself I’d never say, I go places I never even thought to go before.

Some days they make me want to pack my bags and run for the hills but others they make me want to hold them and never let them go.

It’s a rollercoaster experience. Especially while trying to deal with your own mental health issues while, at the same time, trying to protect and be mindful of the mental health of two tiny humans who depend on you for everything.

Motherhood is a journey that I can’t wait to continue and the regret I’ll never have. It’s an unconditional love that I believe everyone deserves to experience and a bond that will last you until you take your last breath.


What have been your experiences of becoming  a mother? Was it everything you expected – or a different story? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Pop a comment below or join in with the discussions over on the Facebook page and celebrate stories of real motherhood this Mother’s Day with us.


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