The Real Motherhood Series – Volume Three – Natalie’s Story

In the run up to Mother’s Day I’ve been sharing the experiences of some of Rosarts’ fans who are also amazing mums. I’m absolutely loving the stories I’m getting as part of the Real Motherhood Series – I can totally relate to everything that’s being shared. I hope some of you are enjoying these blogs too. It’s important to talk about the reality behind our little life stories, and this mini-series exploring what being a mum is all about is doing just that.

Today, we meet Natalie, who’s a mum to not one, but two little boys under five (I don’t know how she does it!).

Natalie, Isaac and Fraser

being a mum


When I very first found out that I was pregnant…I am not going to lie, I was terrified! But as soon as the shock of it all had disappeared, we were both very excited.

I had pictured myself, as I think probably a lot of mums-to-be often do, swinging in my rocking chair, singing lullabies and everything being complete bliss. How wrong was I?

In reality when Isaac first arrived, I asked myself  “what have I done?”

I often found myself in a complete heap, covered in baby sick and poo, asking myself when I last washed.. or even brushed my hair!

Looking back on it all now I am able to laugh but at the time, it really was a massive shock to the system.

Currently my days are spent juggling work and being a mum which is such a rollercoaster. Kieran works shifts and some days I pick the boys up from the childminder gone 6.30pm rush home, wipe them over with a baby wipe and get them to bed to then repeat the whole day again the next day.

This is what makes me the guiltiest of all, whilst they wouldn’t have all their luxuries if we didn’t work, I often ask myself if we could just survive on love and cuddles all day (I wish!!)

I hope my boys will look back and appreciate the hours me and their dad put in to ensure we live in a nice house, food is on the table and they have nice clothes.

Real mums


I now have two beautiful boys, Isaac and Fraser and have learned that actually, I am able to cope with whatever parenthood throws at me. And most importantly, I would do it all over again in a heart beat.

I absolutely love being a Mummy and I love my boys for allowing me to be one, every single day!



Was your experience of becoming a mum like Natalie’s? We’d love to hear your thoughts here on the blog or you can join in with the discussion about what real motherhood is like over on Facebook too.


3 Responses to “The Real Motherhood Series – Volume Three – Natalie’s Story

  • Susan Wilde
    1 year ago

    I used to teach both of these parents (Natalie and Keiran). One of the absolute joys of Facebook is that they let me be their “friend” and I have seen (lots of) photos of their lovely boys growing up. I’d say Nat’s list of what they give these boys is pretty short .. even from this distance I can see Isaac and Fraser are showered with love and different experiences. I love being able to share the love!

    • Ahh how lovely, thank you so much for your comments Susan – I’m sure Natalie will be over the moon to read them 🙂 x

  • Natalie Greatbatch
    1 year ago

    Aww thanks Susan 🙂 we are very glad that we are able to keep in touch with you xxx