Stories from real mums

The Real Motherhood Series – Volume Eight – Katie’s Story

Stories from real mums are so important. In the run up to Mother’s Day, we’re sharing the experiences of real mums who follow Rosarts and share the core value that celebrating the real stories that make our lives unique is what it’s all about. Becoming a mum is often depicted in ways that new mothers may find hard to live up to, and this mini-series of blogs aims to tell the real stories of what it is actually all about.

Today we meet Katie and hear about her experience of becoming a mum to Livi.

Katie and Livi

Stories from real mums

Becoming a mum…I had no idea what to expect at all.

It’s a massive learning curve and sometimes it’s really hard. It can also seem very lonely, even when you are surrounded by lots of people and a supportive family – especially in the early days when you haven’t got a clue what you are doing!

Before Livi was born, everyone told me ‘that’s it – your life will never be the same again’ and they were right.

Do I worry more?  Yes. Sleep less? Yes. Do I have nights in instead of nights out? Yes.

And as for being on time? You can forget it, because there is always one more car to ride on or one more dolly to put to bed. So to sum it up yes – my life has changed dramatically but the unconditional love I get from my little girl makes it all worth it.

Stories from real mums

My little girl is always doing something that amazes me and I love watching her grow and her little personality shine through.

It still surprises me how much love I can have for one little person who lights up my world and I can’t remember my life before she came along!

I do feel that there is too much pressure on new mums to do it right and follow the rules when really motherhood is a rollercoaster that doesn’t stop to let u get off.

So my main advice to new mums would be to try to relax and enjoy the ride and remember – we’re all only human and just doing the best we can by our families and that’s all that matters.


What have been your experiences of becoming a mother – do you have any advice for mums-to-be? We’d love to hear your thoughts on our Real Motherhood series! You can join in with the discussion over on Facebook or pop a comment on this post.

Please share these stories so we can keep having honest discussions about motherhood and what it’s really like to be a mum today.


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