Real Motherhood

The Real Motherhood Series – Volume Six – Ali’s Story

As part of the run up to Mother’s Day, we’re meeting some real mums and sharing their stories of what it’s really been like becoming a mother. These mums are friends and followers of Rosarts and believe that it’s massively important to share the truths about becoming a mum, because after all, the real stories that make up our lives are the best and most interesting!

Today we meet Ali, who has a little girl Evie.

Ali and Evie

“Being a mum has given me satisfaction in life.”

When you pee on that stick nervously you know you’ve got that 50/50 chance it’s going to be positive, but when it does you’re filled with so many mixed emotions…

“Can I do this?’ ‘What if I do things wrong?’ ‘Will my baby be OK?”

Literally I ask myself these questions every single day since becoming a Mum! Something I was never prepared for was the fear I would feel every moment, sometimes irrational fears that I soon shut my mind off to, but it’s all there under the surface.

As I watch my baby grow I look at her and cannot believe how much time has passed, I look at how much she changes and how much she changes me!

My little lady has given me purpose in life, she makes life go at 1000 miles per hour but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Real Motherhood


Being a Mum has given me satisfaction in life, something to work for, move forward for and someone to love and be loved by unconditionally.

When people say unconditional love before you have kids, you shrug it off like yeah I know I know… well no I didn’t know, it hit me like nothing else.

When they lay my girl in my arms for the first time it was like the whole world  fell into place, I was no longer just little old me, I was a mother with a purpose – to care and protect for the rest of my life.

So yes the pooey nappies, sleepless nights and snotty noses all happen and more often than you would like… but you know what? Every single second is worth it, just to see that smiling face look up at me and hear ‘I love you Mum!’

Winning the lottery isn’t that good.



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