Design Portfolio Update – Visit The Collection

It’s been a little while since my last update but that’s because I’ve been putting together a brand spanking new design portfolio! I’ll be adding to this visual collection as I create new and fresh designs for my customers but if you’d like to check it out up to now you can do so by visiting the front page of the site.

I’m loving creating header and logo designs for clients at the moment! Combining illustrations with graphic elements is fast becoming my new favourite thing, and some of the bloggers and businesses I’ve been working with seem to like this new style too.


Header And Logo
Header and Logo package design for Moving Scouse Blog.


The portfolio will contain examples of my design work, links to websites I’ve supported with design and building and a small selection of my videos. I’m planning to revisit my video catalogue very soon and add some shots of how I create my digital designs, as I’m really enjoying that process at the moment!


Header Design for Hamster McKenzie’s Blog



It’s early days for the design collection but some of my favourite new illustrations are going to be featuring there in a separate section in order to showcase the kind of visuals I love to create most. A lot of my design style is moving more towards graphic and digital work, although I’ll never fully abandon the pencils and paints, they’re my first love.



If you’d like to find out more about how I work with brands and bloggers to create their visual identities, check out how to contact me or drop me a message over on Twitter!