Hi, my name’s



I launched Rosarts in 2015, because I loved creating artwork that was meaningful to people. As well as drawing and painting, I also began blogging and designing graphics for other bloggers. I’ve had my eye off the ball this year after a slight technical meltdown, but Rosarts is now in rebuild mode.

There’s not a lot in the shop at the moment, but I’m busy working on it. Bear with me while I get the website back on its feet, and thank you for being patient while I do – after losing a lot of my work through a computer error, it’s taken me a long time to start over. You can find me on social media and also by sending me an email using the box below. 


Check out my YouTube channel or Facebook page for more videos of how I create artwork for Rosarts. I actually drew this one in front of my PC – which is so not how I normally work!